Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Try, try again

I've failed miserably at blogging before. Blogging had been a confronting exercise, where I had to impress my readers with coherent arguments and razor sharp wit. Perhaps that has always been the problem, in all my writings. There was a time, when I would take hours to write an email. It had all the burden of a delicate surgery - the patient being a relationship.

This time, I plan to write short posts. Indeed, twitter may be the proper forum for my thoughts. I aspire to more, however, I'm alright with doing less. Even now, while at work, I don't have time to write this post. But I need to begin somewhere.

I'll blog about what I've learned. What sparked this diary-style blog is my current work, in coding JavaScript. I realized that all the places I look to understand how to code well, were also blogs (of a sort). I'd learned things while coding. Why not start a blog of my own?

I do seek fame and recognition - one hopes fortune will follow either. Above all, I want to use what I've learned in future endeavors. Yesterday, I ran into a roadblock because I presumed something about my work, and never wrote it down. That bit me in the arse - ruined the days outlook, in fact.

I'll post on other learnings, which is why coding isn't explicitly in the title. Right now, I've on a mission to be achieve my goals and earn what I deserve. I am writing to you, but for myself. Hope we enjoy the ride!


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  1. Good luck. i suggest getting a hit counter and watching the daily visits increase over time. its a good motivator.