Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Proxy - You've come a long way, baby.

I began this post three weeks ago and should have published it then. For it has been an exciting three weeks, for me. I'm proud to announce Proxy, my first opensource JavaScript project, is available on github.com. Alas, this post is only about the journey to that destination...

One function (a constructor, to be precise), just under two-hundred lines of code, took one day to code and three weeks to document. Finding my "voice" while documenting, proved the biggest hurdle. I spent an entire weekend writing one paragraph - over and over and over. Of course, there was feature creep - yes, even for a single function. Plus my low self-esteem never failed to remind me of my imperfections, and convinced me delay my debut until otherwise.

Sigh... I certainly broke myself, publishing this code. That "sense of achievement" everyone talks about? If you're like me, it requires overcoming an insidious "sense of failure" first. After so many years of writing code I'll never share, Proxy is the surest sign that I've turned the corner, gained momentum, and hit the bottom... of my excuse barrel, that is! (Ha, ha, ha!)

Seriously, I noticed thought patterns that stopped me in my tracks, causing me to drag myself over procrastination every day. (They are still there). It might take a month or longer to document my next project, but knowing I finished this means I will finish the next. With the utmost confidence, I can say that my wife, Stacy made all the difference. Our life together, and my vision for our future, have changed all my hopes and habits. To Stacy: Thank you, and I love you.

My apologies to those who thought this would be a technical post on Proxy. Or, to those who expected some insight about using github.com. (You were warned.) There is time for that, and I'll be sure to write on both subjects soon. For now, I'm just glad to have something to share.


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